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Please check all our models of semi trailers; Tippers, flatbeds, lowbed, tanker, cement trailers


Pars is a factory for production of different semi trailers with its qualified welding staff

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Please check our semi trailers models that we produce

Tipper Trailer

We produce different type of tipper trailer from Turkey. Model of tipper trailer are; rock type tipper, u type tipper, scrap tipper, 2 side tippers

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Tanker Trailer

We produce different type of tanker trailer. Body material is steel, stainless and aluminum according to different loads

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Flatbed Trailer

We produce different type of flatbed trailer from Turkey. Model of flatbed trailer are; 40 feet container trailer, 20 feet container trailer, telescopic container trailer

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Cement Trailer

We produce cement trailer bulker V Type, Banana type, tipping bulker and Millenium type according to customer request from 22 to 60 cbm capacity

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Lowbed Trailer

We produce lowbed trailers from 2 to 8 axle trailers for heavy transportation equipments. Our lowbed trailers has capacity of 30 to 120 tons

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Special Trailer

We produce different type of special semi trailers in Turkey. Trailers are designed according to our customer request and produced with high quality materials

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