You may use 2 axle extendable low loader / lowbeds especially on transportation of large machines such as earthmoving machines, shovels, mobile cranes, crawler cranes, dumper trucks etcetera AS 2 AXLE EXTENDABLE LOW LOADER. Also transport of agricultural machines, harvesters, combine harvesters, milling machines, high trailers, silage trucks etc..
 Axle extendable low loader chassis is made of MC700 with S690QL High Yield Structural Steel grade in standart package. For European Countries when the weight is important we offer MC700/Domex Steel to decrease total weight of lowbed trailers  to load more. We use Wabco or Knorr Bremse from 2s-2m to 4s-4m EBS brake systems. Pirelli, Goodyear, Bridgestone is most popular models of tyre brands. Regarding to country rules & loading types single or double tyres are avaliable.

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