Container Trailer 20-40-45 ft with 4 to 12 pcs Euro twist locks suitable for containers transporting which is for transporting bulk materials in containers. Tipping Container Trailer 20ft can be as skeletal type and we use high quality hydraulic cylinder and system for tipping operation and specifications can be change according to customer demand. Reduce your hiring crane and do not waste your time unloading with workers. Shipping bulk materials in full sea containers is always the cheapest way to transport. But how to load and unload these containers can be a challenge.
Bulk materials are often shipped with 20’container with inner synthetic liner which encloses the bulk material. To fill or empty the bulk at embarking location the container should be tilted. When the availability of container tipper trailers is limited or not available other ways to tilt the container must found.
Our valued customers are using this system for fast, efficient and safe unloading of 20ft tipping container trailers. STU Trailers is the manufacturer of this container tipping trailer. With this trailer, various bulk materials from recycling and food industry, can be processed in a cost-reducing way.
Sliding and tipping capacity: 30.000 kg
Maximum tilting angle: 50°
Maximum hydraulic pressure: 170 bar
is producing chassis of container trailers from ST52 steel grade. For European Countries when the weight is important we offer MC700/Domex Steel to decrease total weight of 2 or 3 Axle tipping container trailers to load more. We use Wabco or Knorr Bremse from 2s-2m to EBS brake systems. Pirelli, Goodyear, Bridgestone is most popular models of tyre bran

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